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7 Best Food Trucks to Support in Sarasota, Florida

Jennifer Thompson

Sarasota’s foodie attraction is real! But what’s taking a real rise are kitchens on wheels. As Sarasota explores new cuisines and culinary experiences, food trucks offer locals and visitors alike a fun take on dining and cheap eats. A new county ordinance passed in July makes it easier for these tasty vendors to hit the streets and showcase their menus.
Here’s what you need to know about the latest food truck trend taking Sarasota’s streets by storm.

What Is The Ordinance?

The Mobile Vending Permit Program by Sarasota County is an innovative initiative to help both the local businesses as well as government revenues. According to the program, mobile vendors (those who sell things on wheels rather than a brick-and-mortar shop) are now allowed to sell inside the various parks in the county.
Geared mainly towards food vendors, the permit requires a small fee and needs to be approved by the county. 
With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best food trucks you could find in Sarasota, FL:

Spice Boys

Across Sarasota, Spice Boys are a familiar figure. Steven Schmitt and Carl Kolber have become the de-facto destinations of anyone in the country who desire the Middle Eastern taste. Their ‘sabich’ is perhaps the specialty and a dish that’s hard to find anywhere else. They also serve the usual Middle Eastern dishes, be it falafel pita or hummus, though their taste is unmatched.
Over the years, Spice Boys and their bright-colored food truck have served numerous customers. However, they announced earlier this year that they will transition to a brick-and-mortar shop. So, go and eat at their food trucks while you can.

G’s Southern Mobile Kitchen

Misfortune leads to opportunity, and chef Gordon Gregory proves that. When his longtime restaurant was lost after the closing of Sarasota’s Bobby Jones Golf Club, he went for a slight change of plans and hit the wheels.
In just a few months, his Southern Mobile Kitchen has become a favorite of everyone. He can be found usually outside bars, breweries, and parking lots along 301. The colossal wings and the fried shrimp continue to be his specialty; no one makes deep-fried delicious food quite like Chef Gordon.

Polpo Pizza Co.

Pizza never goes out of style – this idea was perhaps what led to the birth of Polpo. When COVID struck in 2020, the owners of a badly-hit catering business decided to feed people in a new way. Since then, Polpo Pizza Co. has formed a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. They can be found outside the Sarasota Farmers Market on Saturday and on Wednesday, at the Philippi Farmhouse Market.
They serve all the classics, including an excellent Neopolitan-style pizza. However, they are also known for their innovative pizzas – like the “Bee Sting”; a perfect combination of hot and sweet.

Savor 100x35

Like many others, Antonio Periera got the short end of the stick during the COVID-19 pandemic when he was laid off from his job as a server. But instead of waiting for the next opportunity, he decided to create his own. His Caribbean-style truck operates mainly in south Sarasota, but his patrons have no issue flocking to him from all over the county.
Why? Because Antonio does complete justice to the unique flavors of Puerto Rico. His dishes bring traditional ingredients like plantains, cilantro, avocado, beans, and many others. But while being traditional, Savor 100x35 also fuses the Puerto Rican flavors with American sensibilities.

Peachey’s Baking Company

For the Peachey siblings – Sadie, Sam, and Nate – baking is a family treasure. This is quite apparent in their food too. Using the recipes passed on to them by their mother, Peachey’s Baking Company sells food that tastes like home. Their usual spot is the Phillippi Farmhouse Market on Wednesdays, though they can be found all across Sarasota, including outside The Compound Skate Shop on certain days.
Their specialty is the enormous, ultra-soft doughnut glazed with vanilla. Their pretzels, much more authentic than any store-bought stuff, are a major attraction too.
When it comes to good eats in Sarasota, we’ve got all of the best recommendations for you, from fine dining to quick and fun eats just like this! Part of what we love about being realtors is getting to know the local scene, inside and out. We’re here for you as neighborhood guides and house hunters alike. Contact us today for local recommendations or to discuss all things Sarasota real estate.

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