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How to Get that Fall Feeling in Florida

Jennifer Thompson

When you live in Florida, you only know two types of weather - hot and hotter. All year round, residents of Florida celebrate plenty of festivities in the hot weather. So what do you do when fall finally strikes and you want to enjoy that beautiful, cozy, pumpkin-spice feeling in Florida? Well, here are some ways to add a dash of autumn to your home on the sun coast.
The autumn season has officially begun, and it is time to undertake a seasonal upgrade to your home to get into the spirit of fall and Halloween. However, before you think about breaking the bank, you don't need to undertake a complete renovation of your home to add to the fall feel. You only need to focus on some small things like coasters, candles, throw pillows, trinket boxes, pumpkins on the porch, blankets, and more to create the perfect fall look. 
Here are some great tips to get you started. 

1. Think about what you can do with textiles

There are small details that, if you pay attention to, can change the entire look and feel of your house. Adding accent trim or foliage can make a huge change to the overall look. You can also play with new textiles and decor that feature seasonal leaves and fall colors.

2. Think about bringing in the natural elements

If you find the typical orange pumpkin, dried leaves, and brooms to be a 'done to death' concept and you want to try something new, well, then this is the perfect time to think about changing things up for Thanksgiving or Halloween. A great idea is to use natural elements such as curly willow branches kept in a tall vase or using large carved wooden trays that will lend an organic and natural feel to the living room. 
Those bored of seeing orange pumpkins everywhere can think about white pumpkins, which look very cute and unusual. Another great idea is to swap over your tropical flowers for sunflowers to give a seasonal and colorful touch. Consider putting sunflowers in a tall vase, or you can even think about including sunflowers in a door wreath. Sunflowers will brighten your home and serve as the perfect fall season attraction.

3. Don't stick to orange

Most people associate the color orange with fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. However, if you are bored of seeing orange everywhere, this is a great time to change up the fall palette to include a dash of other colors instead of orange or burgundy. 
Make use of camel, greens, ochre, sable, and even black and white. In fact, most people shy away from using black, but black helps anchor a room, and the palette of black and white always gives a classic appearance. And what's more, all these colors blend well with lighter blues, calming grays, and crisp whites, which are usually present in most coastal homes in Florida.
The best part is that by using these offbeat colors, all you need to do is add some gold, red, or silver to get your house ready for Christmas, thus making an easy transition from one season to the next.

4. Swap your pillows and coverings

Decorating with throw pillows and changing the look of your sofas, chairs, or even the bed is another simple way to welcome the autumn season. However, there is a cost-effective way to achieve this change. There is no need to buy new sofas or pillows. All you need to do is change the coverings and cushions. You will find that changing the covers of your throw pillows will add a dash of color, pattern, and texture to brighten up your home and get it fall-ready. 
Fall is the perfect time to mix some summer and fall colors, and try decorating with seasonal greenery, especially in the entryway and living room. You can also think about bringing in some live plants, bowls of fruit and fresh flowers. All these will help create the perfect fall atmosphere and also add a pleasant scent to the house to convey a sense of autumn.
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