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Interior Design Trends in 2023

Jennifer Thompson

Anyone who has worked in the interior design industry knows very well how quickly a design trend exits with the arrival of a new year. With the arrival of 2023, anticipation is high about future design trends. While 2022 continued to witness the dreariness from the pandemic months, everyone is ready to shed all inhibitions and re-enter life with new colors and designs. Home interiors are where this shift is expected to make its mark the most.
2022 was all about using soft, soothing color palettes and all-encompassing furniture; 2023 is expected to bring about bright, bold, and statement-making individualism in home interiors. Here's a look at what you can expect in interior design trends in 2023.

1. Adding a burst of color

Most people want to shed their pandemic blues and embrace a zest for life in 2023. This will be best portrayed through a vibrant color palette in home interiors. Neutral and white interiors will be a thing of the past as people welcome in more cheerful hues, even if you observe them only in the accents. 
The minimalist ethos is also expected to expand and go beyond simplicity and utility. The embracing of more expressive elements will make its mark, with the color palette adding contrast, warmth, and more dimension to the erstwhile white and neutral spaces. People want to get as far away as possible from hospital-like vibes that became synonymous with the pandemic months and therefore are opting to use warm chestnut or more saturated lived-in colors.
A more sophisticated base for new palettes awaits us in the coming year. Bright colors will take over the interiors in 2023. More and more people have opted for calming corals, warm russets, balmy apricots, and even bold oranges. At the same time, there is expected to be a subtle rise of the nuanced, pale shades of green and blue.

2. The era of master craftsmanship

Regarding furniture, the age of bling is very much over, and 2023 will be all about true luxury. People are bored of staring at the same table at home when they spent the pandemic months locked up inside. However, this will not be an 'in-your-face' kind of luxury. Instead, this luxury will be stated in more natural and subtle ways.
After decades of accepting less-than-standard quality production, the coming year will see the craftsmanship in home design. There is expected to be a focus on ornate decor, the dominance of wood, and specialized touches in design that may include hand-hewn and inlaid details. What will rise in popularity is the challenging process of handiwork in every aspect of furniture.
There will be a clear move towards self-expression and personalization, with people wanting to voice their values through their home purchases. We will see the value of master craftsmanship returning like never before.

3. Old is back in fashion again

An intense desire for personal expression will further drive this newly discovered love for master craftsmanship. It can be seen that people are no longer interested in making matching and coordinated spaces where even the furniture matches the color scheme. The year 2023 will see a preference for simple but unique pieces, heirlooms, or even thrift finds that stand out amidst the space. Consumers are turning towards identifying and owning their styles, especially regarding their interior spaces.
There is a growing interest in using vintage and reused furniture. And this shift in the interior design trend is only expected to continue as consumers are keen to buy second-life goods as these prove to be an environmentally friendly and design-savvy choice.

4. Goodbye natural

The past two to three years have seen the addition of interior greenery elements, from botanical patterns to keeping statement plants in the house. However, while this passion continues to last in many people, more and more consumers are shifting towards something new and different. The coming year's trends are seen as being less inspired by nature and hinging more towards the imperfect and irregular. The recent interior trends will celebrate landscapes, mineral shades, raw, unfinished textures, and even mossy greens.
With a new and exciting color palette, a new material palette is also predicted for 2023. As we welcome another new year, groundbreaking interior designs are expected to come out of these unique and exciting consumer choices.

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